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transitional 3/4 plate watch

Transitional 3/4 plate watch (unrestored)
John Wood, Liverpool, circa 1823. Transitional 3/4 plate watches are full plate watches with the balance sunk below the surface of the plate and the cock flush with it, making a much thinner watch. All except one that I know of (only 11 including this one) have Massey escapements and are definitely dated between 1823 and 1830. This watch is very rare because it has centre sweep seconds; most have standard sub-seconds.

Horological Books

   Richard Watkins "The Origins of Self-Winding Watches, 1773-1779"

   Richard Watkins "Philipe DuBois & Fils, Customers, Suppliers and Bankers, 1757 - 1824"

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   Watkins "Practical Watch Collecting", 2012

   Richard Watkins "Mechanical Watches" (2 vols), 2011

      Anon "Some notes on P.F. Ingold", 1932

      Berner and Audetat "Pierre Frederic Ingold 1787-1878", 1962

      Berthoud and Auch "How to Make a Verge Watch", 1763 and 1827

      Borsendorff "History of a Watch", 1869

      Borsendorff "Histiore d'un Montre", 1869 (Original French)

      Buffat "History and Design of the Roskopf Watch", 1914

      Buffat "Historique et Technique de la Montre Roskopf", 1914 (Original French)

      Camus "A Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels", 1837

      Crespe "Essay on Repeater Watches", 1804

      Crespe "Essai sur les Montres a Repetition", 1804 (Original French)

      David "American and Swiss Watchmaking in 1876"

      Favre-Perret "Report on the Philadelphia Exhibition 1876"

      Fitch "Manufactures of the United States at the Tenth Census (1880), Watches and Clocks", 1883

      Francillon "History of Longines", 1947

      Glasgow "Watchmaking By Machinery", circa 1900

      Graupmann "Finishing of the Watch Case", 1910

      Graupmann "Le Finissage de la Boite de Montre", 1910 (Original French)

      Grossmann "The Construction of a Simple but Mechanically Perfect Watch", 1880

      Hillmann "The Keyeless Mechanism", ca1920

      Houriet "The American Watchmaking Factories And Their Tools", 1895

      Hognoul "Tribute to Hubert Sarton", 1822

      Japy "Patents for watchmaking machines", 1799

      Lalande "Diary of a trip to England 1763" (2002, 2014)

      E.A. Marsh Two histories of the Waltham Watch Company, 1890 and 1921

      Osterwald "Description of the Mountains and Valleys of Neuchatel and Valangin", 1766

      Sarton "Abridged Description of Several Pieces of Horology", 1789

      Saturday Magazine "Manufacture of Watches in Switzerland", 1842

      Vigniaux "Practical Watchmaking", 1788, 1802

      Waterbury advertising "Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves", 1889

      Watkins "Berthoud, Harrison and Lalande, a near myth", 2005

      Watkins "The BHI and American watchmaking, 1858-1862", 2011

      Watkins "Confabulations, a humorous look at complications", 2007

      Watkins "Jacques David and American and Swiss watchmaking in 1876", 2004

      Watkins "Mainspring Gauges and the Dennison Combined Gauge", 2009

      Watkins "The Repeater", 2010

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      Watkins "Watchmaking and the American System of Manufacturing", 2009

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