The Repeater

Second Edition

This book is a detailed, technical examination of repeaters. The second edition (94 pages) is in seven parts:

The Continental Quarter Repeater
Development of the Quarter Repeater
Minute Repeaters
The Quarter Repeaters of Stogden and Breguet
The IWC Minute Repeater
The Decimal Repeater
The Grande Sonnerie Clock-Watch

Download The Repeater (7.2 MB)

Repeater videos

These videos of repeaters striking have been produced for use in conjunction with "The Repeater" and Crespe "Essay on Repeater Watches". They are intentionally large files in order to retain sufficient quality.

The videos are in AVI DivX format and can be played with Quicktime, Windows Media Player and other players. However you may need to download the free DivX codec:

DivX for Windows

DivX for Macintosh

Video Downloads

Quarter repeater
Download the Continental quarter repeater video (9.5 MB)

Minute repeater
Download the minute repeater video (7.8 MB)

Ellicott decimal repeater
Download the decimal repeater video (6.5 MB)

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